Benjamin Everett’s hybrid landscapes mix the traditions of photography and painting. His images are captured through extensive travel and wilderness experience, combined with scale and sculptural experimentation.

Beginning in the field, Benjamin searches out unique locations that lend themselves to creative play. He then collects a series of detailed photographs that represent fascinations with some unique aspect of the location; light on form, texture, color or composition. Often these details are symbolic of natural forces or the synchronicity of repeated themes unique to a location. Later in the studio, these collected elements become the foundation for play and interactivity, a way to engage and re-experience a scene. The final image functions much like the landscape of memories or dreams, an abstraction where multiple moments combine, scale and time transform.

Benjamin’s major artistic influences outside of the fine arts include electronic music, where both created and sampled sound are seen as the creative building blocks for a song, and sports such as skiing, surfing and sailing, where the forces of nature are seen as an invitation to play. He is a recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award for landscapes.

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